If you work at a small business, you wear a lot of hats. Running the show is a big job, but you're likely also cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the trash.

Entrepreneurship isn't easy, but that doesn't mean everything has to be hard. When you need help with your small business website, you can use these top five tips to grow your number of site visits and convert visitors to clients. Take a look.

1. Using SEO Practices

A big part of making sure your website shows up in Google searches is using search engine optimization. What you write is important, but how it's written and posted is also vital if you want to get seen. Even if you have the best website builder for small businesses, if it's not optimized, it won't be very helpful for your business.

You must post consistently if you want Google to rank your site higher. While small businesses don't have the staff that larger corporations do, consistent posting needs to be a priority if you want Google to understand that you're legitimate. Keywords and linking are also big parts of SEO.

2. Small Business Website Content

Your small business website design can be clean and fresh and easy to navigate (and it should be!), but the content is what will keep people on your page.

Format the content in a way that makes it easy for visitors to read and understand what you're saying. Then use your content to help potential customers understand your industry better, as well as the products you offer.

If your blog can give people tips and information they need, they'll see you as a valuable resource. You'll have more conversions that way.

3. Know Your Purpose

Even the ultimate web design tips can't help you if you don't know why your website is there. Take a little time to reflect on your business and the reasons behind what you do. You want your website to reflect these reasons.

People are interested in your "why" and the story behind the business. That's part of why they turn to small businesses for their needs. The personal touch is what sets you apart, and it should be obvious on your website.

4. Be Minimalist

Beginner web design courses will remind you to use images to your advantage.

Yet you want to make sure your images don't bog down the site. Slow-loading sites are the fastest to lose traffic. Make sure that you have a healthy balance of words and images.

Don't use too many words. Be minimalist in your approach so that readers can move fluidly through the site and get the ideas without having to read lines and lines of text.

5. Call to Action

Any small business website builder will tell you that your call to action needs to be prominent and simple. Let the reader know what you want them to do.

Some readers won't make the connection on their own. It may not occur to them to leave a comment, to read more of your blog, or to click to make a purchase if you don't suggest it. Assume your readers need a little help to get to the next step.

Professional and Streamlined

To get the most from your small business website, follow these five tips. They'll get you started on the road to more traffic and conversions.

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