Is your website working to its full potential to achieve your business goals? Or is there just to look pretty? To be purposeful with your website you need to have a clear goal and way to reach it. 

So what is your goal? Do you have a great service seeking your next client? Do you have the next biggest thing since sliced bread and need customers to buy your product? Do you have a place of business and need customers to know about you and what you do? By knowing exactly what it is that you offer you will be able to identify the people who it is for.

Identify the types of people visiting your site 

When you identify your ideal customer you are able to cater your website for that specific set of individuals. I know it is tempting but don’t try to please everyone. Maximize your efforts by relating with those who identify with what you offer. They are more likely to take action thus giving you a greater chance at success. 

Imagine a babysitting service marketing to a group of nuns. I know it's a little extreme but get my point? They would be the least ideal customer. You would be way more successful targeting parents, busy professionals, etc. 

Speak to their needs 

Once you have identified your ideal customer or client you are able to relate to the need they have and show them that you have the ability to solve their problems with your service or product. You may think your website is to showcase your style and be all about you. Sorry to burst your bubble. Your success lies in showing your customer or client that it's about them. Ultimately catering for your visitor’s needs will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Give them a clear action step to take next

Closing this process on a purposeful goal is to give your visitor’s a clear way to move to the next step. This could be a buy now button or a form to complete. Your website visitor, like the rest of us, does not like to think. So don’t make them have to or they will leave your website at a blink of the eye. Being able to quickly take action once we have made a decision is crucial to following through with that decision. 

So there it is. The purpose of your website is to turn your ideal visitor into an action taking customer. We do this by first knowing what we offer,  identifying who is the ideal visitor and speaking to their needs. Then we provide a clear and focused way for them to take action.