As a business owner, you have no doubt thought about ways to reach and interact with more potential customers. Advertisement isn't as simple as taking out an ad in the paper anymore. And depending on the size of your business, it may be difficult to rent space on a billboard.

However, one of the easiest and most effective ways to advertise yourself is through your website. If done correctly, your website can be the only advertisement you will ever need for your business. The key to this is web design.

Poor web design can drive away potential customers and make your site difficult to navigate for customers who do stick around. Keep reading for some tips on how to avoid this and make your business stand out.

Keep the Web Design Simple

The goal of an advertisement is to grab a potential customer's attention and get them to buy your product. Your first instinct might be to deck your small business website out with all the bells and whistles to capture attention, but this can backfire.

There's nothing wrong with being aesthetically pleasing, but maintaining a simple and functional design is the way to go. This also extends to your website's navigation; make sure information can be found without too much work.

A staple of business web design is the Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact format. It serves as a hub for the most important information you want customers to have, and this menu is almost always kept at the top of the page.

Be Mobile-Friendly

The vast majority of cell phones that people use are some kind of smartphone. Their immense functionality has made them a staple in our daily lives. In fact, by 2025, it is estimated that nearly three-quarters of the world will only use their smartphone to access the internet.

Have you ever been on a website on your smartphone that made it difficult to navigate? With such a large presence of web traffic expected to be done exclusively through mobile, your website should cater to smartphone users. Without this capability, you will end up losing a significant portion of web traffic.

Keep Fresh Content for Your Business

The most important thing you want to do with your website is to present your information to customers. However, you can also talk about subjects related to your line of work or take a stand, if you're able.

Consistently fresh content is a good way to help boost your small business website's ranking and help make it more visible. With increased visibility, your site will be closer to the top results when people search for the products you sell. To further boost your visibility, utilize SEO to ensure you are easy to find in search results.

Show People Who You Are

People will come back to your store to buy your great products. As a small business, one of the draws you have that a corporation doesn't is the ability to connect directly with your customers.

In the "About Us" section on your website, you can include a picture of yourself and your team members — or, at least the most prominent team members. Include some biographical information as well.

This will allow your customers to build a rapport with you and your staff and feel more connected to your business.

Web Design for Your Small Business

At Gordon Web Designs, we strive to help small businesses by giving your site the look you want through our web design techniques. If you found this guide helpful for your business, contact us for help to build your site.