Studies show that 57% of people feel that having a business card is essential to their business.

Do you currently have a business card? When do you bring your business card with you?

In a digital world, business cards are still one of the fastest ways to give your information to a potential client.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes a good business card:

1. Client-Focused Approach

When you are designing the card, you should approach the process the same way as you would a marketing strategy.

Thinking about who the card will be given to and what you already know about them will help you keep the focus on the client throughout the process of making the card.

2. Draw Inspiration From Others for What Makes a Good Business Card

Have you ever received a unique business card? What made it stand out? How did the person achieve that effect?

Identifying what you like about the cards you have received and drawing the best concepts from those will help you create a really compelling business card.

3. Include Contact Information

This may be an obvious one but it is the most important part of the business card. You give a business card out with the goal of reconnecting with that person again in the future.

They should know how to contact you through a variety of channels and even including your website can be helpful for them to browse to learn more about your company before meeting next.

4. Keep It Simple

When you give someone a business card, it should be easy to read and draw their attention to the important details.

One way to do this is by sticking with a simple design. Use the blank space strategically to draw the viewer's eye to the important details without overwhelming them.

5. Include Details Unique to Your Business

If someone meets you at a networking event and gets your business card, there is a good chance they will have gathered a few dozen more before the event is over. They may remember talking to you but the business card you give them could serve as a refresher for what your company does.

If you have a short slogan, you could include it on the card to compliment your logo and round out your overall brand image. Thinking about the full marketing potential of your business card is important because everyone you give it to is a potential customer.

6. Consult a Design Service

Are you overwhelmed by the number of ideas that you have for your business card design? What colors will look the best? How do you know if it will stand out from the competition?

We provide a variety of print services and can help you design and professionally print your business card.

Get Started Today

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